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Occlusal Sports Guard in Fairlawn

Welcome to Blum & Isakov Dental, where we prioritize your dental health and safety. We understand that protecting your teeth is of utmost importance, whether you suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding) or you're an athlete seeking to safeguard your smile during sports activities.

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Mouthguards That Make a Difference

Occlusal and sports mouthguards serve distinct purposes but share a common goal: protecting your teeth.

Occlusal Mouthguards

Imagine sleeping soundly without the fear of teeth grinding or clenching. Our occlusal mouthguards are designed precisely for this purpose.

Crafted from durable hard acrylic plastic, these custom-made guards fit snugly in your mouth without causing irritation. They shield the surface of your teeth, ensuring a peaceful night's sleep while preserving your dental health.

Sports Mouthguards

For the athletes among us, we offer sports mouthguards designed to take the hits. Constructed from a softer material, these guards provide excellent protection during physical activities.

They not only cover your teeth but also extend to safeguard your gums. Our custom-fit sports mouthguards offer unbeatable comfort, allowing you to communicate while staying shielded from potential injuries.

How Does a Mouthguard Work?

Understanding how mouthguards function is essential in appreciating their significance.

Occlusal Mouthguard Mechanics

Occlusal mouthguards act as a shield for your teeth, preventing damage caused by grinding or clenching. Their robust, hard acrylic plastic composition ensures durability against the forces at play. Rest assured, these mouthguards don't compromise your comfort, letting you rest easy while your teeth stay safe.

Sports Mouthguard Technology

Designed to absorb impact, sports mouthguards cushion against blows and sudden physical force. Beyond covering your teeth, they extend their protection to your gums. Our customized sports mouthguards allow for effortless communication while offering unparalleled defense against sports-related injuries.

The Benefits of a Custom Mouthguard

  • Tailored for Excellence: The advantages of opting for a custom mouthguard are numerous, setting them apart from their generic counterparts.
  • Precise Fit for Optimal Protection: Store-bought mouthguards may offer some protection, but they can't match the level of security provided by a custom-fit guard.
  • Nighttime and Sporting Security: Whether you require protection while you sleep or during your favorite sports, our mouthguards rise to the occasion. They are comfortable, effective, and, most importantly, safeguard your dental health.

Your Dental Health Matters to Us

Blum & Isakov Dental is here to assist you if you're considering occlusal or sports mouthguards. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we offer a detailed consultation to determine the best mouthguard for your unique needs and the condition of your teeth.

We're committed to providing the highest level of dental care. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technology, ensuring your comfort and well-being throughout your visit.

Don't let teeth grinding or sports-related injuries compromise your smile. Take the first step towards protecting your dental health by scheduling an appointment with us. Our friendly staff at Blum & Isakov Dental is ready to assist you.

Contact us now, and let's give your teeth the protection they deserve.


Investing in custom occlusal and sports mouthguards is an investment in your dental well-being. At Blum & Isakov Dental, we're dedicated to providing you with the highest level of care and protection.

Say goodbye to worries about teeth grinding and sports-related injuries—schedule an appointment today and experience the difference of personalized mouthguard solutions tailored just for you. Your smile is worth it!

occlusal & sports guards

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